GB WhatsApp Download APK Update Latest Version January 2025

Last Updated June 6, 2024

GB Whatsapp is the modified version of the simple whatsapp. Different features are available that a simple whatsapp does not have. You will enjoy extra features like hiding online status, double and blue tick masks, aeroplane mode, and seeing deleted messages and statuses. These features makes it one of the most trending app on the internet and takes the communication fun to the next level.



What is GB WhatsApp?

GBWhatsApp is a derived variant of the original WhatsApp that has been developed by various developers like Omar, HeyMods & Alexmods. The core file of the app is the same as the original but with the extra features that WhatsApp doesn’t offer.

GB Whatsapp APK Download Latest Version

Due to these tremendous capabilities, the original WhatsApp and the variant have always been at odds against each other that is the reason you won’t find the app on play store so it is important that you bookmark the page for update releases.

The application was designed for users that want to enjoy the ultimate features. For better privacy and security, use the updated version of this application. In the recent updates, the developer modified the app further and improved some features like message scheduler, hiding forward tag, and voice status. To know more about the app and how you can download it continue reading this article.

Specifications Of GB Whatsapp APK

App Name GB Whatsapp
Size53 MB
No of Downloads40 M
Updated2 Hours Ago

After you have the GB WhatsApp Download 2024 latest version on your phone To install GB WhatsApp, you don’t need to install or delete simple WhatsApp. But once you sign up for the GB, you must log out from all other WhatsApp accounts. One WhatsApp account is functional at one time.

Features of GB WhatsApp APK

The features of this application are more advanced or updated than simple whatsapp. It is designed according to users’ psychology. They can choose what they want to do with their account and how they want to appear on WhatsApp to others. Let’s have a look at the fantastic features of this application which are enlisted below

  • Auto Reply

The Auto Reply feature was developed to help users when they are busy and can’t respond to their friends or clients. If you don’t reply to a message, some people get worried or start calling you immediately to ask if something is wrong. But with the WhatsApp GB Auto reply feature, you can customize a message that will be sent to any person who messages you in your regard.

  • Anti Ban

An Enhanced protection feature so that your number doesn’t get blocked by WhatsApp. Allows you to enjoy a seamless chatting experience with upgraded features.

  • DND Mode

The DND mode in GB WhatsApp blocks the internet connection for GB only. The purpose of this feature is to help the user concentrate on the work they are doing on their android phone without being disturbed by the WhatsApp message. Once you enable the DND feature, the internet from the GB will be cut out, and you will stop receiving the messages until you disable it.

gb whatsapp DND Mode

  • Broadcast Your Message

It is sometimes tiresome to send messages to multiple users. We have to send that one by one to everyone. But the WhatsApp GB broadcasting feature helps you add people to the broadcast list and then send your message once in that list, ultimately reaching every broadcasted person. In this way, you will save time.

  • Customization & Fonts

Make your chatting experience more cool and engaging. These features allow you to change the fonts of your app and you can customize the chat screen including tick styles.

  • Filter Message

In GBWhatsApp, you can filter your messages. The users have this option available to filter the chat and delete or whatever else they want. Retain the messages from the option given by the application and delete useless conversations.

  • Download Others’ Statuses.

Asking someone for their status videos sometimes feels so awkward. That’s why GB WhatsApp has this feature where you can download anyone’s WhatsApp picture and video without notifying them and then use it further. 

Whatsapp Download Status

  • Anti-Revoke Message

The revoke option appears next to the message as a tick. A single tick indicates the message is sent but not received and seen by the receiver. The anti-revoke option helps the user to read the deleted message. This single feature stands out among all the cool features and allows you to read the deleted message without notifying another person.

  • Live Location

Want to inform your friend and family about the exact place you are at? Use the WhatsApp live location feature. Pin down your location and also turn on your location so that your dear ones trace you and reach you in less time.

Gb whatsapp share locations

  • Multiple Effect

you can add different effects to your photos and videos when sending them to another person. The effects include Pop, Chrome, Cool, Film, and many others.

  • Picture Sending Limit

In simple WhatsApp, you can send only 30 pictures at a time. This limit is increased when you use GB WhatsApp. You can send more than 90 pictures simultaneously, double that of simple whatsapp. Also, you can send 100 Mb audio files and 50 MB video clips to anyone you want. 

  • Theme and Keyboard Options

In simple WhatsApp there are not any options for adding customized themes, but in the variant, You can customize the theme for your GB wallpaper. To make your typing fun add a unique keyboard like an emoji keyboard and any with an attractive article. You can also change the wallpaper and add a picture of yourself or your friends on the wall. 


  • Unmark The Read Message

Sometimes one wants to postpone a response and, therefore, not refer to a message. But if one sees it accidentally, the reply is a must. So this problem is solved by Gb so you can unmark the seen message.

  • Hide Typing or Voice Recording Status

You can turn that option off if you don’t want to show your typing and recording status with others. It will mask your current status for others.

  • High-Resolution Picture

In GBWA you have to luxury to send your pictures in the original quality unlike in WhatsApp if you send the image it gets blurred and loses its original attraction. With this app, your picture will be sent to the quality you set making it hassle-free to install other apps or look for another alternative.

gb whatsapp media sharing limits

  • History

You can manage your call, revoked message, and other related histories on GB WhatsApp. In this, you can review what messages you have seen and replied to and get the call history with just in touch.

  • Notification

You can choose whether you want the notification to pop on your screen. Other notifications like the contact’s online status and when they change their profile picture also appear on your mobile phone. It helps you to know who is available to chat with. Also, you have the option to hide the pop-up notifications from your main screen.

Pop-Up Notifications

  • Language

By default, the language is English, but to connect to all the friends over the world. This app allows you to translate chats Realtime in up to 40 languages. This is a remarkable feature that is not available in the original app.

  • Increased Sending Limit

The creators of this app have significantly increased the file-sending limit up to 2 GB from 100MB allowing you to share lengthy videos and tons of images at once.

  • Security & Privacy

All the messages and chat are end-to-end encrypted and this also give the opportunity of hiding your online status. To keep the app bug free regular updates are released and we also scan them for potential malware presence.

Gb whatsapp pro extra security

Comparison Between GB WhatsApp and WhatsApp

Here is the difference between GBWhatsApp and Simple official WhatsApp. 

GB WhatsApp  WhatsApp
A modified version of WhatsApp provides additional features A worldwide application that offers a platform to connect over the internet.
A third-party application, not available on the google play store You can find it on the google play store with 4.2 stars 
Can Hide your active status. Can’t hide your online status 
Get notified when a person is online Not have this feature
Aeroplane Mode No airplane mode 
Can hide your status View  another person will see you have seen their status 
Anti-revoke option Can not read deleted message
Safety may be an issue, but users enjoy high privacy Provides safety to its users


Safety may be an issue Provides safety to its users So the benefits of GBWhatsApp are what make the users attracted to it is. Let’s find in detail what these features are.

How to Backup Your Chats on GB WhatsApp?

If you want to back up your GB chats, you must have created the backup of your chats in Google Drive or local files. If you have saved it on Backup files, installing the application will give you the option to restore your old data. Click on this option and then add your google drive account to restore your old data.

gbwhatsapp backup.

But if you have stored it in the local file, choose to restore from a local backup when you installed the application.

How To Update GB WhatsApp to the Latest Version?

Regular updates are shared and released on a weekly basis so that your chats remain secure below are the steps you should follow for updating your application.

  • But before going to the updated version, create your chat backup by going to the chat setting, where you will find the backup option. Press on the tab and save your conversations so that you don’t lose them in the future. 
  • Once you press the download button, the apk files for the newest version will start downloading on your phone.
  • Once the download is complete, press on the file, and a tab will open that will ask your permission to reinstall the application click on install, and there it is.
  • Open the whatsapp application, which will be updated.


gb whatsapp update

The other method is to go to the GB WhatsApp setting and find the update option. Just click on that, and the process will start. But it’s not always updating your application. When you upgrade the application from the link, it will ensure you have the latest version available. 

How To Download and Install GB WhatsApp APK on Your Phone?

  • First get the GB WhatsApp APK Download, click on the link given in the article. 
  • After you click the link, APK files will install on your phone.


  •  Go to settings and permit the installation of the files from an unknown source. 
  • Then, the application starts to download. 
  • After downloading, log into whatsapp with your phone number and start getting benefits from this fantastic application.

GB Whatsapp APK


What’s New in GB WhatsApp Download?

  • Autoreply
  • DND Mode
  • Broadcast your message
  • Hide Online Status Strictly
  • Anti-Revoke message
  • Hide Typing Message
  • Fingerprint chat lock
  • Fingerprint thread lock
  • Copy Text Status
  • Remove Forward Tag
  • End to End Encryption
  • 1000 Group Members
  • Mass Message Sender
  • Online Status
  • Night Mode
  • Tons of GBStickers
  • Home screen customization
  • QR Code Support
  • Lock WhatsApp chats
  • Customized ticks and chat screen
  • Widget capability to use in minimized state
  • Filter message
  • Increased sharing capacity
  • Hide Microphone turning blue
  • Increased status length to 255 Characters
  • Built-in Video Player
  • Live location 
  • PopUp Notifications
  • Multiple effects
  • Download status
  • Unmarked the read messages
  • High-resolution picture

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Is it safe to use GB WhatsApp?

Yes, it is safe until you don’t share your QR code and password with others—the security and privacy level increase with every update, keeping it intriguing for the users.

What is aeroplane mode in GBWA?

When you turn on aeroplane mode, it disconnects the internet connection, and thus you will not receive any message, but you can still use the online platform. 

Is there any payment for GB WhatsApp?

No, it doesn’t require any subscription charges. The application is entirely free. Just click on the link and get a modified version of GB WhatsApp. 

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